Continuing an over 80 year tradition founded by Lelia Haller, a New Orleanian who rose to the rank of première danseuse in the famous Paris Opera Ballet. We offer Ballet classes starting at age four.  Adults welcome!  Classic Yoga classes are now available!


Summer 2017 Ballet Schedule


Ballet Monday-Thursday, Saturday (see schedule)

Adult Classes Available

Wednesday Yoga 9-10 am




Choreography Workshop

Saturday December 16th 2:00 PM

*Open to age 7 and up*

Music 3 minutes or less

Dancers choose their own music and costume and choreograph the dances themselves (not improvisation or free dance). Dances can be solo or with others. Music must be appropriate (no cursing if there are words). This is a great opportunity to learn about the choreography process, to perform for friends and family, and watch other dancers of different ages. We do have costumes and skirts in varying sizes if you need to borrow one. If you need help or have questions, please contact Miss Marjorie through  Facebook or on her cell phone.


Open House 2017